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Interviews and press releases:
Interview with Mike Angenent in Fair Trade Jewelry Magazine
Jewels of Social Change - Valantine Peace Project
Interview after visiting Oro Verde program in Colombia
Interview in Cadeau Magazine - check pages 14/15
Pers release Nederlands
Travelogue Oro Verde Colombia
Jeweltree at the Oscar Awards 2011

Sources for Precious Metals
Oro Verde
Oro Verde on You Tube

Eco Andina
Eco Andina on You Tube

Regulating and Auditing Bodies in Gold Mining
Alliance for Responsible Mining
No Dirty Gold
Ilap - Institute of Environmental Research of the Pacific

Diamond Polishing auditing reports and organisations

List of Questions

(based on international obligations of India, Indian national law and international best practices)

in cooperation with:

International Peace Information Service

Large Scale Diamond Mining Sources
Diavik Diamond mine
Argyle Diamond mine
Ekati Diamond mine
Victor and Snap Lake mine Canada (De Beers Group)
De Beers Mining Operations in Africa

Small Scale Artisanal Diamond Mining Cooperatives

The Liqhobong Womens Diamond Mining Cooperative

Third Party Verificators on Diamond Mining
regarding the Argyle mine in Australia:
Agreements, Treaties and Negotiated Settlements Project

regarding the Diavik mine in Canada:
Environmental Monitoring Advisory Board

regarding the Ekati mine in Canada:
Independant Environmental Monitoring Agency

regarding the De Beers Mining opperations worldwide:
SGS Group

Canary Institute
Mining Watch Canada
Communities and Small Scale Mining
Indigenous Environmental Network
Kimberley Process

Diamond Development Initiative

Mines and Communities
Madison Dialogue blog
Fair Jewelry Action blog
Conor Woodman - Beyond Fair Trade