Our Quality Label

"Mine to Finger Transparency"

Our Quality Label is developed in cooperation with IPIS and Top Consultants BV.
IPIS, International Peace Information Service, is a Belgium NGO and official observer of the Kimberley Process.
Top Consultants BV is a Dutch bureau of senior consultants that has been involved in the creation of various quality labels and has a proven track record for ISO implementation and optimalisation.
License Holders issue info regarding purchases and sales into the Jeweltree Database, resulting in a Track & Trace platform where the consumer can view the complete history of his or her jewellery piece.

Jeweltree Certified Jewellery is guaranteed to be manufactured with precious metals that originated from community projects in third world counties with respect to the environment (no mercury and cyanide) and social conditions. The precious metals are not mixed with precious metals from other sources
The diamonds and gems used are fully traceable and originate, where possible, from small scale mining initiatives. Polishing practices are disclosed and, where possible, undertaken by and directly benefitting local communities.

Community Benefit
The Jeweltree Foundation Certificate guarantees that the small scale mining and community projects involved gain direct benefit.

A Non-Profit, Verifying Practices and Providing Certification
We are a non profit, not a jewellery brand. We use our global network to verify practices and provide certification to help communities, suppliers and manufacturers succeed in selling their products in the market while helping small third world communities that are involved in the jewellery supply chain.
For more information about the standards used you can always contact us directly