Certified Jewellery

The Jeweltree Foundation guarantees supply chain transparency, ecological sustainability and social responsibility in the jewellery industry. We also support fair trade jewellery related initiatives and work on customer education. We do this by licensing corporations that supply raw materials (precious metals, gems, diamonds) for the jewellery industry and firms who make jewellery with these raw materials.
Both suppliers and manufacturers provide information about there purchases and sales into the Jeweltree Database.

Accordingly we provide a track and trace platform where the consumer can view the complete history of his jewellery piece, from mine to finger… License holders must provide proof about country and mine of origin and disclose where further enhancements (such as polishing or refining) have taken place. The Jeweltree Foundation will decide whether or not this is done according to our desired environmental and social standards. An important criteria is that the projects involved have independent third party verification.

The Jeweltree Foundation is proud to be the first to even guarantee origin and cutting centre practices for very small diamonds. Our Quality Label, that only license holders may use, is developed in cooperation with IPIS and Top Consultants BV.

IPIS, International Peace Information Service, is a Belgium NGO and official observer of the Kimberley Process.

Top Consultants BV is a Dutch bureau of senior consultants that has been involved in the creation of various quality labels and has a proven track record for ISO implementation and optimalisation.

Jeweltree Certification
-Internally Flawless

laser inscribed jewellery

diamond laser inscription
certificate front
certificate back

*Loose diamonds or jewellery that is accompanied by a Jeweltree Certificate comes with disclosure of country and mine of origin and known cutting centre practices. If mentioned so, the precious metals originate from community owned and ecologically mined sources. Although we certify diamonds that originate from large industrial sites we soon hope to offer you small scale community mined diamonds as well.

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