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Certified Jewellery

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We provide a track and trace platform where the consumer can view the complete history of his jewellery piece, from mine to finger…

The track and trace system is linked to our online database.
Database entries are done by our team, based on the fillings of our network partners and supporters.
This guarantees for a waterproof track and trace system.

How does this work?
Our Network Partners buy from certified and audited sources. For instance Eco Andina for gold and silver and the polishing factories we approved for diamonds.
They disclose their purchases with invoices and letters of guarantee stating the origin of their product.
Once you order gold, diamonds or gems from one of our Network Partners you, as a supporter, can request a certificate.
You do this by disclosing the details of your purchase, and tell us what exactly it is you wish to have certified.
For instance, you buy 100gr of gold and 10x 0.20ct diamonds. You then create a ring with 10gr of 18kt gold (thus 7.5gram fine gold) and 1 0.20ct diamond for which you want to issue a certificate.
The only thing you have to do is to tell us which certificate nr you wish to use for this and, once verified, we will activate the online certificate.

Registration as a Supporter with the Jeweltree Foundation, starts at 100, euro (1 year) and certificates costs 15 euro pp.

Check out the details on each support level in our blog section here: Support Levels
Or email us at to learn more about the benefits associated with each level.

Jeweltree Certification
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