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Inspira Diamonds - committed to responsible, ethical & traceable diamond & gem sources

Inspira Diamonds is working on the vision that the gem industry, amongst other important industries, needs to respect and act responsibly to a gem's origins, the earth and its people in bringing those products through the supply chain, to the market.
Inspira is proud to add to the voice of the growing collective consciousness of the gem industry towards a vision they held more than 10 years ago..

Inspira Diamonds Pty Ltd is a wholesale distributor of socially and environmentally responsible diamond and gems and a great source for Jeweltree certified melee.

Inspira Diamonds is located in:
Wangara, Western Australia

For more information check their website:

Inspira Diamonds is a Platinum level supporter and Network Partner since the 2012 and has renewed its license on January 4th 2016

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