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We promote and assist diamond mining and polishing cooperatives that give direct benefit to the communities involved.
We helped The former Liqhobong Womens Diamond Mining Cooperative from Lesotho in selling their diamonds and we assisted a Brazilian diamond mining cooperative in reclaiming their rough diamonds from a fraudulent trader. After that we helped them to get the best market value for their diamonds.

We have also set up traceability procedures to track rough diamonds from the Canadian Diavik and Ekati mines and the Australian Argyle mine trough the pipeline.
These diamonds are all polished in factories that comply with our criteria

More information about the Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada
More information about the Ekati Diamond Mine in Canada
More information about the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia

Female miner Liqhobong Lesotho

Female miner Liqhobong Lesotho

Miner from Brazilian cooperative

Audited polishing centre Surat India